Moss – FAQ for most frequently asked questions

Questions about questions ? We have created a Moss FAQ for you – Answers to common questions.

Moss – FAQ – Answers to common questions

Is the moss wall toxic?2019-09-24T16:17:31+02:00

No, our MOOS•MOOS walls are by no means toxic. Our moss is a natural product that is dyed with light-fast, cosmetic colours and prepared in a preparation from selected natural substances. The color as well as preparation are VOC free.

Naturalness of our moss walls.2019-09-24T16:16:30+02:00

The naturalness of our materials is unique. We only use natural moss, which are grown and harvested in European forests. Only through the preparation used does the natural product no longer grow. This makes it always look fresh and has a high naturalness. However, the moss retains the natural property of humidity regulation. This ensures a pleasant indoor climate in the interior.

How long does the moss wall last?2019-09-24T16:15:29+02:00

Thanks to our high-quality preparation, the moss walls and moss pictures look fresh for many years. Due to the use of light-fast colours, they do not fade out and have a long shelf life.

How do you bring the moss to the wall?2019-09-24T16:12:05+02:00

Depending on the moss variety, the moss is delivered and installed on an MDF plate(bale moss, forest moss, plant or jungle moss wall) or a carpet subsoil(Icelandmoss). Depending on the wall condition, the individual parts can then be screwed on, glued on or installed by Velcro tape. If you have special requests regarding the subsoil, e.g. B1 certified etc., please call us. For delivery, you will receive an assembly instruction, thanks to which the moss attachment is child’s play. Don’t you dare to install it? Then our assembly team will help you either directly on site or as a consultation on the phone.

Does the moss wall require water or care?2019-09-24T16:10:30+02:00

The best care for our moss walls is no care. Please do not irrigate the moss wall! They could damage the unique preparation, which ensures a long-term durability of the moss walls. Thanks to the preparation, the moss wall remains not only fresh-looking, but also antistatic (protects against dust infestation) and immune to any natural inhabitants who are not welcome in the interior.

Do the moss walls need a specific indoor climate / certain temperatures?2019-09-24T12:54:11+02:00

The indoor climate does not have to be adapted to the moss, rather the other way around. The moss adapts to your environment and independently regulates the humidity in the room to suit your needs. The mosses should only be exposed to normal air circulation.



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    Classification of the fire behaviour of moss

    Your warranty through certification

    We leave nothing to chance! Through various tests and investigations, we have given our moss wall wall cladding a very special quality. In cooperation with recognized testing, monitoring and certification bodies, our moss species have a fire protection classification as well as a classification of sound absorption. We are pleased to inform you that our moss entails a sound reduction of up to 60% and corresponds to a classification of fire behaviour: B-s1, d0. This makes it possible to implement and implement a problem-free application in public areas, lobby and buildings. For more detailed information on our certificates, please use the contact form or the service options.

    Classification of sound absorption of moss

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