Project Description

Wall cladding in style and design

Wall cladding with your company logo in unique company colour, inspired by corporate design.

Art pictures in your design with the most beautiful moss

All moss – icelandic moss, balemoss and forest moss are already absolutely interesting materials in their natural shape and structure.
Prepared and coloured, in combination or individually, wonderful products can be created.
But with moss there is more to it! It can provide a framework for your ideas. Your ideas and your artwork combined with moss is not only absolutely unique – it also brings all the positive properties of the moss. The resulting creation is then sound-absorbing, moisture-regulating, care-free and has a positive effect on body and mind in addition to your personal desired look.

What is possible?

Very, very much – our trained Moss team is at your disposal for your questions. This gives you an idea of the combination as well as the possibilities we can offer you with moss. Here are some examples of possible projects: Send us your photograph and we can do this e.g. on metal or a photo. Framed with the moss in the color of your choice, a unique work of art results. Indirect light, behind a dreamlike photograph, framed with natural material. Then imagine your logo or slogan placed in moss and with the color of your corporate design in the entrance area of your company – the effect is the absolute madness.

Do you like to travel or work in many areas of the world? Then imagine a world map or a map of a continent in Moss, showing the mountain range. Absolutely fantastic and an eye-catcher par excellence.
Well – we are looking forward to your ideas and inquiries and look forward to working with you to give your idea moss.

  • 100% Nature’s careful dismantling from northern & Central Europe

  • Unique, natural preparation for durability and haptics

  • Use of durable, cosmetic, light colors

  • Sound absorption level according to EN ISO 354 of up to 60%

  • Fire safety classification DIN EN 130501-1:2010-01

  • Color & size individually as desired ( color according to RAL tone )


maintenance free 100%
easy & quick assembly 100%
Soothing effect on mind and soul 100%
Regulation of humidity 90%
Sound reduction (certified) 60%

Our certifications

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Classification of the fire behaviour of moss

Your warranty through certification

We leave nothing to chance! Through various tests and investigations, we have given our moss wall wall cladding a very special quality. In cooperation with recognized testing, monitoring and certification bodies, our moss species have a fire protection classification as well as a classification of sound absorption. We are pleased to inform you that our moss entails a sound reduction of up to 60% and corresponds to a classification of fire behaviour: B-s1, d0. This makes it possible to implement and implement a problem-free application in public areas, lobby and buildings. For more detailed information on our certificates, please use the contact form or the service options.

Classification of sound absorption of moss

Do you need support in the implementation of your moss wall or project or do you need an idea? We are happy to advise you! We look forward to your contact.

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