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Moss image in different variants

The smallest wall cladding – moss pictures in various types and variants, whether round or corner, with or without frame.

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Pictures from Moss

Moss image in top quality

Show your originality and good taste. Get nature home with plant moss, bale moss or icelandic moss on your walls. Each picture is unique, it is handmade. It consists of 100 natural materials. Only real mosses and plants are processed. Thanks to special natural preservation methods, our pictures retain their rich greenery. As well as the original look and feel.
Of course, everything 100% care-free.

Due to a preparation developed over many years and light-fast, cosmetic colours, the pictures remain fresh-looking. Without fading or dusting.
All moss images are equipped with a rear suspension. They can be easily attached and are an eye-catcher in your room.
We offer our frames in different materials. To complete the noble effect of the moss and your overall work of art. In addition, it is possible to enclose finished works of art, paintings or portraits with a dress made of moss. All varieties from balenmoos to icelandic moss to forest moss in different colours are available. In addition, the moss images can be provided with real stabilized plants to create a jungle character.

  • 100% Nature‘s careful dismantling from northern & Central Europe

  • Unique, natural preparation for durability and haptics

  • Use of durable, cosmetic, light colors

  • Frame in premium craftsmanship quality from the region

  • all moss products are deep dyed and dried

  • Sound absorption level according to EN ISO 354 of up to 60%

  • Fire safety classification DIN EN 130501-1:2010-01

Moss•Moos Premium Product

Market companion

Quality instead of quantity

In the MOOS•MOOS manufactory, quality rather than quantity is the number one rule. We keep an eye on all the quality control mechanisms. The entire value chain from collecting in our own forests, cleaning, preparing to the production of moss articles is directly in our hands. In this way, we ensure that everything is handled in short distances and flexibly according to the customer’s wishes. We only select the most beautiful natural bales and moss flakes for production. In the complex work processes, we want to meet the highest customer requirements in terms of appearance and durability. We have more than 20 years of experience with high-quality handicraft art. With us, you can rely on noble natural products of a special kind.

Short distances in our value chain

Unfortunately, we live in a fast-moving society. Customers who are supplied with low-quality products just to achieve the corresponding sales figures. We act differently! Through the short distances of our value chain, unlike some other suppliers, to combine the comparable sales conditions with the top quality and service. Invest with us in the long-term well-being in your interior and do not settle for the apparent quality of the third-party providers, which will not please you in the long term. Rely on long-lasting moss products Made by MOOS•MOOS Manufacture.


maintenance free 100%
easy & quick assembly 100%
Soothing effect on mind and soul 100%
Regulation of humidity 90%
Sound reduction (certified) 60%

Our certifications

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Classification of the fire behaviour of moss

Your warranty through certification

We leave nothing to chance! Through various tests and investigations, we have given our moss wall wall cladding a very special quality. In cooperation with recognized testing, monitoring and certification bodies, our moss species have a fire protection classification as well as a classification of sound absorption. We are pleased to inform you that our moss entails a sound reduction of up to 60% and corresponds to a classification of fire behaviour: B-s1, d0. This makes it possible to implement and implement a problem-free application in public areas, lobby and buildings. For more detailed information on our certificates, please use the contact form or the service options.

Classification of sound absorption of moss

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