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Moss processing and harvesting

Moos•Moos is the brand and manufacturer of moss processing and harvesting.

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Moose in nature

The mosses can grow in almost any climate zone. They are the first plants ever, with a very simple blueprint. They do not have proper roots that would conduct the water in the plant, but so-called rhizoids. The rhizoids have only one holding function and are the cause of the small size of the plant. The moss takes its nutrients from the humid environment, i.e. from the air or through precipitation, and slowly releases the water again. The mosses are able to absorb a very high amount of rainfall, even tens of times their own weight. Thanks to this wonderful property, the rainwater does not flow away from the surface so quickly. Compared to other plants, mosses are extremely resistant. They are able to withstand very long dry times as well as months in a great cold.

Mosse from nature in processing

We, the MOOS•MOOS Manufacture, from harvest ingesis to moss processing – all from a single source. The removal of moss must only take place on approved areas. Through our 20 years of experience with natural materials and moss, we know how and where we can harvest so that this is sustainable without unduly burdening nature. We harvest in our own forests in Central and Northern Europe and make sure that only the best moss flakes / moss bales are selected and sorted out. The pine needles and other forest debris are eliminated as much as possible in order to achieve the highest quality for our MOOS•MOOS products. We have discovered more potential in the moss than just a material for the grave cover and make it high-quality, permanently fresh-looking natural products for the interior at our location in Saxony.

Moose in further processing

For two years, our specially trained employees have developed the appropriate preparation for the moss, which consists only of natural substances. In order to achieve the longest possible shelf life, we dip the mosses in the preparation and mix them with light-fast, cosmetic colors. Since then, light-fast colours have ensured that the colour does not fade when in contact with UV rays.

Moose handmade

Every balofing moss and every moss flake is taken and glued in our house during production. Because nature plays beautifully, you can hardly find two identical pieces of moss. That’s why every product that leaves our production is an original. For individual projects and special requests, a team of designers is available, which is at the customer’s side with its experience and the eye for beauty.

Our MOOS•MOOS products are handcrafted throughout the value chain. Behind the whole process of harvesting, cleaning, drying, dyeing, preparation, processing, developing and producing, people with a passion for something special and connected to nature stand.

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