Project Description

Moss wall from Iceland moss / Reindeer moss

Wonderful feel, soft surface and with a real sense of nature, Islandmoos also has a calming effect on mind & soul.



Islandmoos Facts

Moss wall wall cladding – Your advantages

The soft Islandmoss is perfect for endless creative possibilities. Islandmoos regulates the moisture balance independently and is therefore 100% care-free. It does not need to be watered or fertilized. In addition, Icelandmoos has been certified as having a sound absorption level of up to 60 effect according to DIN EN ISO 354, which increases proportionally with the size of the area. This property as well as the classification of fire protection according to DIN EN 130501-1:2010-01 is available as a certificate. Islandmoos is therefore the perfect material for your moss wall cladding hotels, trade fairs or airports. If you want to amaze your customers, you can do so with eye-catching features. A moss wall wall cladding made of moss is a sure guarantee for your recognition value.

With a moss wall wall covering made of Islandmoss, you get 100 nature from careful mining from Northern & Central Europe in a unique, natural preparation for long-lasting durability and feel.

What is Icelandmoss ?

Islandmoss is actually not a moss, but to be precise a shrub lichen that grows in upholstery form. It is a close cohabitation of fungi and algae. Nevertheless, many synonyms such as Icelandic moss, Irish moss or fever moss are used. It is a rigid, scaly and antler-like branched plant. Islandmoss can grow to 4 to 15 cm.

Originally, the Icelandic moss was discovered by the Icelanders as a medicinal herb and used for respiratory diseases such as hoarseness and cough as well as inflammation in the mouth. It has also been used successfully for chronic pneumonia or bronchitis. The lichen acids of Islandmoos have an antibiotic effect and are thus irritating and soothing pain. The medicinal plant can be administered in the form of teas, tinctures or tablets.

The Haunted Plant

In ancient legends, Islandmoss is described as an enchanted plant. It was a juicy herb that covered mountains and valleys abundantly and was a blessing to the peasants. Since the farmers did not want to share their wealth, the medicinal plant was captivated and has always grown only under snow. Despite all the legends, Icelandmoos is a highly respected plant in the Nordic countries.

Where does Islandmoos come from

The Icelandic moss we process comes from the forests of Europe to 100%. It grows in the lowlands on sandy soil, in light pine forests or on rocks in mountainous areas between 1500 m and 2500 m altitude. Island moss is harvested from April to September.


In order to permanently reflect the character of durability and feel, the Icelandic moss is processed with our unique, natural preparation. Thus, it remains soft forever and retains all the characteristics coming from the forest. In addition, the preparation protects the moss from sunlight, which benefits the longevity of the paint. We dye with cosmeticlight colours.

  • 100% Nature’s careful dismantling from northern & Central Europe

  • Unique, natural preparation for durability and haptics

  • Use of durable, cosmetic, light colors

  • 13 different colors to choose from, for your own corporate design

  • Sound absorption level according to EN ISO 354 of up to 60%

  • Fire safety classification DIN EN 130501-1:2010-01


maintenance free 100%
easy & quick assembly 100%
Soothing effect on mind and soul 100%
Regulation of humidity 90%
Sound reduction (certified) 60%

Our certifications

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Classification of the fire behaviour of moss

Your warranty through certification

We leave nothing to chance! Through various tests and investigations, we have given our moss wall wall cladding a very special quality. In cooperation with recognized testing, monitoring and certification bodies, our moss species have a fire protection classification as well as a classification of sound absorption. We are pleased to inform you that our moss entails a sound reduction of up to 60% and corresponds to a classification of fire behaviour: B-s1, d0. This makes it possible to implement and implement a problem-free application in public areas, lobby and buildings. For more detailed information on our certificates, please use the contact form or the service options.

Classification of sound absorption of moss

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