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Our Touch Me! Moss Hedgehog

Can I touch the moss ? Our Touch Me! Moss hedgehog as table decoration or Touch Me! Moss Hedgehog Pattern

Touch Me! Moss Hedgehogs & Patterns

Use of the Touch Me! Moss Hedgehog – Your Benefits

The last high-quality “something” that was missing for the perfect appearance of your decoration in the hotel, restaurant, lobby, meeting room, office as well as your room. Our MOOS•MOOS products “Moss hedgehogs Cube” and “Moos hedgehogs Black” give your premises the last highlight point. Both are handmade eye-catchers that quickly attract attention. They represent a combination of beautiful modern design with a natural touch that is often missed inside the building. Treat yourself and your guests to a relaxing view of a piece of nature. The green colour evokes an inner calm in us human beings and unfolds our creativity.

Touch Me! Moss Hedgehog – Structure

Our hedgehogs consist of carefully selected moss bales and a real wood cube (various varieties and types of processing, see the individual product descriptions). Each bale of moss is inserted into the wooden cube and perfectly adapted to the size of the wooden stand. With each piece of our “Moos hedgehogs Cube” or “Moos hedgehogs Black” you buy a unique piece. Due to the preserved natural structure of the moss and the wood colouring, the products themselves are always unique.
The high-quality treated wood with the professionally prepared moss bales together form a pair that is permanently preserved.
The moss hedgehogs not only look particularly beautiful, they are also 100% care-free and statically repellent, so that the dust has no chance.

  • 100% Natur aus behutsamen Abbau aus Europa.
  • einzigartig, natürliche Präparation für Haltbarkeit und Haptik
  • Verwendung von langlebigen, kosmetischen, lichtechten Farben
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